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No Consensus

No Consensus (previously NotD) is a casual end game raiding guild. We have highly dedicated players with end game raiding experience since vanilla. No Consensus raid twice a week Thursday and Sunday 20:00 - 23:30 (server time). Although we are casual we recruit experienced players who cannot commit to hard core raiding schedule, but want to progress through content quickly and efficiently.
NotD original formed in vanilla on Ah'Qiraj and were the leading guild throughout the content, this progress continued through to Burning Crusade with server first content clears throughout the entiriety of The Burning Crusade.

NotD took a hiatus after farming Illidan and reformed for WotLK, Cata, MoP and are now back for WoD making siginifcant progress through content while allowing our members to have a casual raid environment.

NotD joined with Pure Evil for Warlords of Draenor to continue end game raiding into new content.

Guild News

Mythic Raid 3 - Week begining Wednesday 12th October

by Atticama, 4 days ago

Mythic week 3 and new kill number 3. Ursoc, has died! On to Dragons next!

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Mythic Raid 2 - Week begining Wednesday 5th October

by Atticama, 15 days ago

Week 2 of mythic raiding and we began with a quick heroic clear on the Thursday finishing in our second Mythic Nythendra  kill. Sunday resulted in our first Elerethe Renferal  kill, swiftly moving on to Ursoc progress. Half a night of Ursoc attempts resulted in some good progress showing that Ursoc should quickly die next week.

(Not sure how we killed this as the picture shows we can't even face the same way for a kill shot)

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